Day Admissions

Admission Arrangements for St George's School

From September 2023 St Georges will have a PAN of 170 day and 10 boarding places in Year 7.  The school cannot always straightforwardly fill and appropriately accommodate 10 places for boarders of Year 7 age. During Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 additional boarding spaces can be filled, to progressively make good the shortfall between the boarding PAN and the number of boarders taken into Year 7. The school may increase the number of places available over PAN to Day students in exceptional circumstances. In all cases, places are offered in sequence to those at the top of the continuing interest list for day places, in a transparent process in consultation with HCC. 

For Day Admissions, including admissions outside of Secondary Transfer, please contact the Day Admissions Officer on: 

Making an application for Secondary Transfer Admission September 2023

You will need to make an on-line application to your Local Authority to provide your four schools of preference for secondary transfer.  If you have selected St George’s School as one of your four choices of school you should also download and complete the following forms:  

Once completed they can be scanned and returned to or posted to the school for the attention of the Admissions Officer.

Summer Born Children

Pupils will be admitted to St George’s School in Year 7 at the age of 11 or age 12 if they are summer born children where a family chose to delay their entry to Reception by an Academic Year.

Please make an application to Herts CC and the school in line with your child's date of birth and include evidence that they were deferred at Reception.  Once checked, the school can provide you with a letter to confirm that it will consider the application a year later.  This letter can then be sent to Herts CC to withdraw the application.  The following year you will need to make another application, include the letter from the school.  Please note that this means that the application will be considered a year later but is still subject to the school's admission arrangements.


In Year Admissions 

St George's School is not part of Hertfordshire County Council's scheme of In-Year coordination and parents should apply direct to the school.  Parents wishing to be considered for a place in Years 7 - 10 at St George's School will need to submit an In-Year application to the school. 

A composite Continued Interest List for year group 7 to 9 is used to allocate all places which become available during the school year.  Fresh applicants are considered according to the published criteria.  The length of time a child's name may have been on a Continued Interest List is not a criterion for admission: an applicant is given whatever order of priority on the list is justified by the application of the Admissions Criteria for the current school year.  The Continued Interest List will expire at the end of Year 9 and all names removed.  In order to be placed on the Continued Interest List for Year 10 and 11, a new application will need to be submitted. 

If a school place becomes available, parents (of pupils in Years 7 - 10) will be contacted in strict order of priority, according to the Continued Interest List and the application of the Admissions Criteria.  Any such place must be accepted as soon as possible to allow the school’s day places to be filled. 

The In-Year application form should be returned by post to: St George’s School, Sun Lane, Harpenden AL5 4TD or by email to  On receipt of an In-Year application form the school will advise within 10 working days whether a place can be offered, and if not will provide details on how to make an appeal on the decision. 

Determined Admission Arrangements for St George's School for September 2024 

Please do not use for current applications 

Determined Admission Arrangements for St George's School for September 2022 

Please do not use for current applications