18+ Progression

We do our best to prepare students for life beyond St George’s and the process begins in Year 12, as applications for Higher Education, apprenticeships or jobs are usually sent at the start of Year 13. In Year 12 students will have a talk in November (“Preparing to Leave St George’s”) and are expected to be pro-active as a result. This is followed by the issue of the “18+ Going Somewhere?” pack (on-line) in March; to help them make choices about their futures (to work through, research and make choices with advice from relevant adults). A Year 12 student can request a careers interview in the Spring Term. Parents are invited to an information evening as the applications begin in June of Year 12. At the end of Activities Week students include their work experience or trips in their “Personal Statement”, and have input from various staff on utilising the Careers Information, “Alternatives” to Higher Education and a “checking UCAS forms”, to ensure all are on track for early, error free applications.

The Director of Sixth Form shares any information regarding preparation courses with those students who have been pro‑active to receive the information.

Applications begin in June of Year 12. ALL students complete a UCAS form. This is because the information entered will be relevant for any type of application. Students need to carefully follow the advice and use the “Checklist” form to avoid time consuming mistakes. If the student decides to proceed with a university application they "pay and send" it; the tutor reference will be appended to this. If not applying to a university, students need to print off and keep a copy of their duly completed UCAS form which can then be used as the basis for any other application forms (eg job, apprenticeship, another course, gap year application).  YC Herts provides independent specialised advice for those wishing to follow “alternative” pathways and will interview students on request.